Fireplaces and Range Hoods


Italianate Range Hood

Period Stone Work

Adobe-Look Fireplace

Hearth With Storage

Modern Southwest

Native Kitchen


Here are some examples of some nice finishing touches that can be performed with minimal impact on your daily life. The fireplaces shown here are often a simple facelift for a dated pre-existing hearth or surround. If you are growing tired of your old stone veneer or brick fireplace, it is a pretty straightforward process to apply plaster directly over the existing for a new look. If your home is going for a more extensive remodel, integrating the fireplace into the overall design theme is easily done with the versatility of plaster. Other focal points that are often enhanced through plastering are range hoods. With plastering techniques, these features can be made to stand apart from the adjacent wall surfaces through different colors and textures, or by replicating stonework.