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This is really my favorite aspect of the plastering trade. Nothing speaks quality more than the timeless beauty of interior plaster. Especially left unpainted and tinted with an integral color, plaster imparts a warm feel to the home that cannot be achieved with sheetrock finshing techniques. Interior plaster with integral color is undisputably custom, and gives your home the unique character found only in old world craftsmanship.

There are a variety of interior plastering systems to suit specific applicatons. The most common in my experience is two coat veneer plastering over a compatable walboard, or if prepared properly, existing painted walls.

I prefer using gypsum plasters as has been used for centuries. There are many new products carrying the term "venetian" plaster. These are fine, but do not be misled to believe they are the only "real" plasters. If you live in an older home and love your plaster, it is most likely a standard gypsum plaster commonly used from the turn of the century up until the 1950's when sheetrock became the norm.